Social Media Training Courses

Want to make social media work for your business? Our social media marketing courses will give you the knowledge and tools you need to maximise your social media efforts.

From the simple basics of Facebook and Twitter through to the more advanced stages of monitoring and insight, we'll show you how social media works, why it's so successful and what you can do to harness it, exploit it - and enjoy it.

Social media can be complex but it is also one of the most exciting, mobile and inclusive areas of digital communications. Our standard and advanced courses have been designed to help you understand the world of social media better and will be led by one of our Social Media team.

Course Details:

Our Social Media Standard course is ideal if you want to learn how to use social media for business. You may be a professional in a digital, marketing or PR role or currently not doing any social media activity and want to learn best practice.

During the day we'll demystify and deconstruct the world of social media and take a fun, interactive, hands-on approach. We'll explain and introduce the most popular channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and give you tips on how to avoid common mistakes.

By the end of the course you'll be equipped with the skills to help you create, implement and analyse social content on all social media channels.

This course seamlessly compliments our Content Marketing course.

This course includes:

What is social media?

  • Why do people use social media?
  • The zero moment of truth - ZMOT
  • Social media theory - the 1:9:90 rule
  • Social media best practice

Setting your goals and objectives

  • Define your objectives
  • The social media lifecycle

Identifying the right platform for you

  • Identifying opportunities
  • Getting the information you need
  • Choosing where to exist online
  • Restrictions

Overview of the most popular Social Platforms

  • Using Facebook - Advantages & Disadvantages, creating pages and groups
  • LinkedIn
  • Reasons for using Twitter - Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Google+ - How to create a Google+ page

Overview of user-generated content websites

  • Writing your own blog
  • Forums
  • Using YouTube, reports and insight
  • What are social news websites?
  • Top tips & best practice for review sites
  • Using Instagram
  • Vine
  • The benefits of Pinterest
  • Snapchat advertising and best practice

This level has been designed for people already using social media for online marketing, such as managing Facebook pages or Instagram feeds. We'll take an in-depth look into the social media monitoring, engagement and analytics tools and show how to gather valuable insight to feed back into your campaigns.

We'll cover ROI through social media, how to deal with negative mentions, risk management, tracking trends and metrics, social media policies, SEO and much more.

This course will empower you with a broader knowledge and understanding of social media and so help you develop your own advanced strategy and measure the success of your social activity.

This event seamlessly compliments our Google Analytics standard and SEO Advanced course.

This course includes:

Social Media - Platform Overview

  • Brief overview of the main platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Snapchat)

Building a Social Media Strategy

  • Define your objectives


  • Using Google Analytics
  • Persona Development

Creating a Social Media Strategy

  • Optimisation, Engagement, Reach & Conversion
  • Content calendars
  • Implementation of your social media strategy
  • Social media strategy checklist

Risk Management

  • Setting up a crisis response plan
  • How to deal with negative mentions

Social Media Analytics Tools

  • Overview of social section within Google Analytics
  • Other social media analytics platforms
  • Facebook Insights
  • Twitter Analysis

Social Media Engagement Tools

  • Top tips for using Hootsuite

Social Media Monitoring Tools

  • Overview of social media monitoring software (Brandwatch)

Social Media Optimisation

  • B2C vs. B2B Strategy
  • SEO for Facebook & Twitter

Social Advertising

  • Facebook - Custom & Lookalike audiences, promoted posts, Ads Manager setup and creative
  • Twitter Advertising - Promoted accounts, trends, tweets and targeting
  • LinkedIn & YouTube Advertising
  • Other social networks (Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr)

Payment options: All major credit cards (Online) or invoicing

None of these dates work for you? Or would you prefer an on-site training session? Either way, Six Tic can help. Our tailored training courses are totally flexible and built around you, from location to number of attendees (we even train one-to-one) to how the course is delivered right through to the specific content. Whatever we can do to help with your session, we will do it.

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