Google Tag Manager Training

Since its launch in 2012 Google Tag Manager (GTM) has erupted into the tag management market gaining users faster than any other tag management solution in history.

In fact it’s estimated that GTM currently holds 91.3% of the market share globally making it by far the most utilised tag management solution in the market. It’s success is easy to understand, with great design offering powerful functionality and ease of use coupled with the fact that it’s free of charge, it’s been an easy decision for many companies to make the transition.

The more recent addition of an SLA for GTM for customers of Google Analytics 360 also means this is now a safe option even for the largest enterprise websites.

Our Google Tag Manager course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to master this user-friendly tool. Led by one of our Analytics experts, we'll show you how you can take control of your marketing analytics and quickly deploy tags on your site.

Course Details:

This one day course will cover the essentials for anyone looking to master using the tag management solution. We'll help you translate and dissect each part of the GTM tool, including the more advanced features and functionality.

All of our instructors are expert practitioners and have a vast amount of experience in the implementation, management and auditing of a number of GTM accounts for Six Tic clients and the course has been designed to share this experience with you.

If you don’t already have an account we will run through the set up process, help you translate and dissect each part of the tool, through to the more advanced features and functionality, having a basic knowledge of HTML would be an advantage but not mandatory.

By the end of the day, you'll come away feeling confident in how to use GTM and will understand the enormous benefits and efficiency it can bring to your business.

This course includes:


  • Introduction to a Tag Manager. How it works.
  • What you can implement and how it affects your current marketing strategy and implementation.
  • Tags, Rules and Variables in Google Tag Manager
  • User Interface
  • User management

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

  • Google Analytics tags (Visit, Event and Social tracking)
  • Cross domain tracking.
  • Ecommerce Tracking for Google Analytics.

Auto Event Listeners

  • Link, Click and Form Submit listeners.
  • Auto event listeners
  • Auto event variables (Element Class, Element ID, Element URL and Element Text).
  • Deploying the Google Tag Manager auto event listeners.
  • The Google Tag Manager Data Layer.

Additional Configurations

  • Floodlight integration with Google Tag Manager.
  • Floodlight approval process for Display Tags.
  • AdWords tags and implementation.
  • Custom HTML tags to implement any other script or tracking.

Debugging and Publishing

  • Manage versions in Google Tag Manager.
  • Preview the implementation. Debug possible errors or issues.
  • Push in live. Review to guarantee accurate data.

Payment options: All major credit cards (Online) or invoicing

None of these dates work for you? Or would you prefer an on-site training session? Either way, Six Tic can help. Our tailored training courses are totally flexible and built around you, from location to number of attendees (we even train one-to-one) to how the course is delivered right through to the specific content. Whatever we can do to help with your session, we will do it.

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