Google Penalty Recovery Training

Have you been hit by a Google link penalty? Our backlink removal and penalty recovery course will give you the knowledge and tools you need to get back on track.

If you've been involved in active link building to your website then it's easy to contravene Google's best practice guidelines. This can lead to a penalty that can erode your organic search rankings and destroy your traffic.

Google Penguin was introduced in 2012 in order to combat link spam such as link networks, low quality directories and the overuse of exact match anchor texts. Since then Six Tic has built up considerable experience in identifying, analysing and removing link penalties.

This course is designed to share that experience with you and will be led by one of our expert SEO team. Book one to our one day course and we'll equip you with the knowledge and skills required to recover from a link penalty.

Course Details:

The course aims to help you assess whether your site has been hit by a link penalty and provide you with the steps necessary to remove one. We'll discuss the types of link penalty you can receive and will help you identify how to spot, remove and avoid low quality links pointing to your site.

As well as learning how to assess the quality of backlinks, we will also teach you how to remove and disavow backlinks and how to create a Google reconsideration request.

By the end of the course you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to recover from a manual or algorithmic Penguin penalty.

This course includes:

Introduction to Google Penalties

  • What is a Google Penalty?
  • Types of Penalties
  • Panda Penalties
  • Penguin Penalties
  • How to Spot a Google Link Penalty

Removing a Google Links Penalty

  • How do I recover from a Penguin penalty?

Finding your Backlinks

  • Back Crawling
  • Free tools
  • Paid tools
  • Consolidating your backlinks
  • Cognitive SEO

Analysing your Backlinks

  • Link Classification
  • Identifying Unnatural Links
  • The Good, Bad & Ugly
  • Factors to consider when you're unsure about a link
  • Link analysis within Cognitive SEO

Removing the Bad & Ugly

  • Manual Link Removal
  • Recording the process
  • Link removal outreach

Removing a Links Penalty

  • Disavow files
  • Reconsideration requests

Recovering from a Google Penalty

  • Re-building your backlink profile
  • Earning natural backlinks

Payment options: All major credit cards (Online) or invoicing

None of these dates work for you? Or would you prefer an on-site training session? Either way, Six Tic can help. Our tailored training courses are totally flexible and built around you, from location to number of attendees (we even train one-to-one) to how the course is delivered right through to the specific content. Whatever we can do to help with your session, we will do it.

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