Google Display Network, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter Advertising

We’re all spending more time online and 95% of that time is spent reading and engaging with content on websites. This is where display, video and social advertising comes in, enabling you to reach people no matter what site they are on.

The Google Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide and includes more than 2 million publisher websites, so when it comes to getting your ads seen online there is very little that can rival the GDN.

Meanwhile, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and every month, more than one billion people visit the site and watch over six billion hours of YouTube videos. You don’t get audiences much bigger than that and so video advertising can be the ideal platform to reach your potential customers.

With native and social advertising platforms such as Facebook and Twitter you can blend your ads into the most relevant content and engage with users as they browse news websites, blogs and social networks etc. Facebook and Twitter are filled with millions of consumers, why wouldn’t you take advantage?

Together these advertising platforms offer the possibility to engage with millions of people, interacting with content similar to yours and at key times during their purchase path. Whether you have 100 INR or 100,000,000 INR you can utilise these networks to help achieve your overall online marketing goals.

This course will take you through the art of display advertising within AdWords, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter, as well as 3rd party native ad platforms, which are becoming more and more popular.

Course Details:

This course will cover all there is to know about display, native, social and video advertising online and how to use it to achieve your marketing goals, whether that be simply building brand awareness, generating leads or getting direct sales.

The course is aimed to give you insights into a host of display marketing channels. We’ll show you how to get your image and text ads on relevant websites using the GDN, how to blend in with articles and news feeds using native platforms such as Outbrain, Taboola, Content Click to name a few and how to get your video in front of the right people on YouTube and how to reach the right users using Facebook and Twitter.

Having a basic knowledge and understanding of the Google AdWords platform is required to attend this course.

This course includes:

Google Display Network

  • Display targeting
  • Image ad creation and messaging
  • Combination targeting
  • Best practices
  • Display Planner
  • Demographics
  • Data analysis


  • Remarketing codes & tag implementation
  • Building lists
  • List targeting
  • GDN Remarketing
  • Remarketing list for search ads (RLSA)
  • Google Analytics


  • Video creation & best practice
  • Advertising formats (in display, in steam)
  • Targeting
  • Reporting
  • Remarketing


  • Campaign
  • SetupAd formats
  • Targeting
  • Custom audiences
  • Remarketing
  • Reporting


  • Account Setup
  • Creating advertising tweets
  • Targeting types
  • Finding twitter list
  • Remarketing
  • Reporting

Native Advertising

  • Intro native advertising
  • Creating native ads
  • Native ad platforms (Yahoo, Taboola, Outbrain ETC)
  • Best practices
  • Remarketing

Payment options: All major credit cards (Online) or invoicing

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