Digital Marketing in Travel

Do you want to know how to apply digital marketing techniques to travel? We have partnered with travel Calling to provide a course ideal for those who either work in travel directly or are using travel as a marketing tool.

Digital is the hot topic in travel and therefore how to use it effectively and capitalise on opportunities is an absolute must. In partnership with travel Calling, the industry leader in travels business, we have created a one-day workshop that will give you insight into digital marketing techniques such as content marketing, social media, and analytics – all delivered through a travel lens.

We’ll also talk about the change in fan consumption behaviour, growth of second screen, official vs unofficial, digital marketing vs sponsorship and the travels rights landscape. We know what works and we want to share our expertise with you.

Course Details:

This workshop is perfect for those managing marketing and communication strategies and who want to gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively engage with travels audiences.

Similarly, for anyone who is looking to grow their understanding of digital marketing - through a travel lens.

The course will be informal and engaging and will contain a mixture of teaching, group and individual exercises. At the end of the day you will have a sound understanding of travel business and how to develop a digital travels marketing strategy.

Book onto the Digital Marketing in travel course and learn from experts who work in the industry today.

This course includes:

Digital Marketing in travel

  • Introduction to travels Marketing
  • The travels rights landscape
  • Rights holders and brand engagement
  • Growth in second screen

Fan/Consumer behaviour

  • Change in consumption patterns
  • Engaging with audiences
  • Official vs Unofficial association
  • Opportunities and options for marketers

Content Marketing

  • Content marketing planning and strategy
  • Types of digital content
  • Conducting topic research
  • Creating engaging content for digital platforms

Social Media

  • The Zero Moment of Truth
  • Social Media objectives
  • Social Media Channels
  • Social Media marketing techniques


  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Measuring your campaigns
  • Tagging marketing activity
  • Introduction to the Google Analytics reporting interface
  • Overview of other tools

The Future

  • Future trends in digital marketing in travel
  • Q & A

Payment options: All major credit cards (Online) or invoicing

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