Digital Marketing

Are you a marketer trying to enhance your understanding of the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing? Our Digital Marketing course has been designed to provide you with an insight into the role of digital marketing within the modern marketing environment.

In this course, you'll immerse yourself into the digital marketing industry and explore theoretical and strategic approaches to digital marketing. With our guidance you'll be able to define clear objectives and start to write a digital marketing plan.

The course provides practical activities, insights into the main digital channels including SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing &, PPC. We also look at Web Analytics, Mobile and Video.

The workshops are led by our in-house experts, which will allow you to understand the core theoretical components of digital marketing in context and will help when creating an effective digital strategy.

Course Details:

Whether you're new to digital marketing or a marketer looking to enhance your knowledge, this course will cover the fundamental principles of digital marketing and will provide you with an opportunity to examine the impact of these in your own business environment.

In this course, we’ll cover the role of digital marketing, how to define objectives, the consumer journey and take a look at the internal and external factors which influence strategic decision making.

As well as learning the strategic and theoretical approaches to digital marketing, our in-house experts will give you an introduction to Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO. There will be a variety of practical, hands-on activities to provide you with the tools that will help achieve your business goals.

At the end of the course you’ll have a better understanding of digital marketing and will be ready to move on. We'll cover the core components and considerations when writing a digital marketing plan.

Introduction to Digital Marketing Theory

  • The role of digital marketing and its impact on the traditional marketing mix
  • Strategic marketing in a digital landscape
  • Defining digital objectives
  • Internal & External factors influencing strategic decision making
  • Driving innovation
  • The digital lifecycle

The Consumer Journey

  • Changing consumer behaviours
  • The digital marketing funnel
  • Determining digital targeting strategies
  • Building relationships and engaging consumers

Content Marketing

  • Content marketing planning and strategy
  • Types of digital content
  • Conducting topic research
  • Creating engaging content for digital platforms

Social Media Marketing

  • The Zero Moment of Truth
  • Social Media objectives
  • Social Media channels
  • Social Media Marketing techniques

Search Engine Optimisation

  • The Search Marketing Landscape
  • Building an SEO strategy
  • Ranking Factors
  • Building Organic Search success

The course will begin with an introduction to Google AdWords. Led by one of our PPC experts we'll give you an insight to the main things you need to know regarding AdWords and PPC from the fundamental principles through to creating efficient, well-structured campaigns.

There will be an introduction to the Google Display Network, which will give you an insight to the capabilities of this channel. We'll show you how to get your image and text ads on relevant websites using the GDN and will discuss the importance of mobile and video when creating a digital marketing strategy.

We'll cover the importance of Google Analytics so you gain an understanding of the product and how to use it to serve your own business goals. As well as taking a look at Analytics Insights, we will also discuss how to optimise paths to conversion and share effective design tips to improve user experience.

With our guidance you'll start creating a digital marketing plan which incorporates the key strategic components and utilises a variety of digital channels and campaign tactics.

At the end of the day you'll leave the course feeling empowered to return to your workplace and contribute to effective digital decision making.

Paid Search and the Google Display Network

  • What is PPC
  • Search Vs the Google Display Network
  • How PPC works
  • Keyword match types
  • Optimisation
  • Intro to Quality Score (QS)

Mobile and Video Marketing

  • The rise of video and mobile marketing
  • The importance of mobile and video in digital marketing

Analytics and Optimisation

  • Measurement Objectives
  • Key Dimensions and Metrics
  • Google Analytics - account setup and structure
  • Google Analytics Reporting & Segmentation
  • Google Analytics Insights & Customisation
  • Attribution Modelling
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Selecting digitally focused marketing strategies
  • Data driven marketing strategies
  • Identifying and optimising digital resources
  • Effective competitor analysis
  • Choosing digital Key Performance Indicators
  • Writing a digital marketing plan
Full Course

Payment options: All major credit cards (Online) or invoicing

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